Minggu, 10 April 2016

movie review

Facing the Giants tells about a Coach life. One of football Clubs in Christian senior High school where the Football Club hasn’t won a match yet during was leaded by the coach, Grant Taylor. It was going until some recent matches and it leaded to the parents of students’ Football Club that wanted to replace his job as the coach with another professional coach. He was not only facing the job’s problems but also he had other problems like his car was broken, his wife was not pregnant yet, the salary was not equal, and his job would finish soon. In these situations, he changed the perspective at last while he was watching one of TV programs about sermon. He started getting close to God and learned to focus everything in his life to God, not to himself. Slowly but surely, he changed his life’s principal and it turned his problems to goodness. His trained Eagle Football Club won the match even if against the club has higher achievement. One by one, the aspect on his life got a solution and goodness. 

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