Sabtu, 09 Juli 2016

Mr. Karso is a head of public relation and financial division in faculty of humanities, Jenderal Soedirmam University. He does his duties well. His duties are to manage the financial, the employees and the information system. He has worked in FISIP as a head of public relation and BMN divison, besides he has worked in biology faculty. On 2014, he starts to join with faculty of humanities' family. There are the staff who help him to do his duties, they are the securities, financial division, his employees, cleaning services, driver, and equipment division. For faculty of humanities, mr. Karso has some wishes. His wishes are: 1. Faculty of humanities can be better than before. 2. Faculty of humanities can do the best with its employees, lecturers and students. although it has not had enough facility yet to support it, because the it is the new faculty. 3. If there are gripes about the faculty, We can meet him directly.

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